Eight Musical Landscapes for Piano by David S. Bernstein

Eight Musical Landscapes for Piano by David S. Bernstein


Publication's Style: Soft Cover Coil Bound 305x225
General Description: Modern Solo Piano Works
ISBN: 978-1-62559-087-9

Eight Musical Landscapes is a collection for students who are at the beginning to intermediate level and any pianist who enjoys music that is melodic, (with a couple of exceptions) and contains elements which are pedagogical in nature, particularly as regards rhythm and meter.

  • Minstrel Music for the Court of King Arthur

  • California Sunrise

  • Blues Partners

  • Ride The Western Wind

  • Music Box Lullaby

  • Silence

  • Light But Heavy

  • Ode to a Wanderer

The harmonic content of this collection ranges from Renaissance/modal progressions to more complex harmonies that may typically be found in 20th century music (seventh, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth chords, quartal/quintal harmonies and poly-chordal combinations). It is hoped that the overall stylistic variety contained within will interest players of any age who wish to perform music that will appeal - as this collection has proven to - with audiences everywhere.

David S. Bernstein

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