Six Preludes, Op.83 by Mauro Giuliani

Six Preludes, Op.83 by Mauro Giuliani


Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Pages: 13
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
General Description: Classical Era Solos

With the exception of the No. 2 Prelude in A Minor, we have followed the original notation for these pieces closely. This second Prelude, a Vivace utilising primarily 32nd notes, was fairly crowded in the original handwritten manuscript. By changing the direction of the highest voice, flat-beaming the 32nd note figures, and relocating some 32nd rests to the centre of the staff, we were able to create a less cluttered score.

Since these preludes are excellent study materials we felt it was important to keep them to two facing pages each, eliminating page turns, and in spite of this tight configuration, allow you some room for annotations of your own. With the exception of a few details that were in the original score there are no fingerings for the right or left hands.

Working through these pieces develops both technique and velocity, while giving you insights into Giuliani's writing style and the harmonic progressions of classical era works.

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