Schubert - Four Songs Arranged for Voice and Two Guitars

Schubert - Four Songs Arranged for Voice and Two Guitars


Schubert - Four Songs Arranged for Voice and Two Guitars by Jonathan Barlow

On Poems by Johann Gaudenz Freiherr von Salis-Seewis

Der Jüngling an der Quelle D.300

Das Grab D.330 Herbstlied D.502

Pflügerlied D.392

Publication's Style: Soft Cover - Score and Guitar Parts
with Translation 305x225mm
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
General Description: Voice and Two Guitars

Franz Schubert wrote over 600 songs during his short life. In 1814 he set “Gretchen am Spinnrade” on the poetry of Goethe. This early masterpiece heralded an astounding time of productivity that resulted in the composition of 144 songs in that same year. The songs assembled for this edition are on texts by Johann Gaudenz Freiherr von Salis- Seewis, an author that Schubert discovered shortly after this initial prolific period.

These transcriptions aspire to retain the general appearance of Schubert’s original scores, providing guitarists with the experience of reading the same score that a pianist reads. The purpose is to insure that the performers have all the information that Schubert intended. The vocal part is unchanged and all of Schubert’s original markings for dynamics, phrases, articulation and tempo are included. The parts are designed to save space on the page while allowing each player to read from the full score. This was achieved by providing a full size staff for the individual player and displaying the other parts in a smaller size. New English translations of Salis-Seewis’s poems have been commissioned for this edition and are included for the reader’s reference.

Jonathan Barlow

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