Mozart 5 Divertimenti K. 439b for 2 Guitars

Mozart 5 Divertimenti K. 439b for 2 Guitars


Publication's Style: Soft Cover Score with Parts 305x225mm
Pages: 92
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
ISBN: 978-1-62559-037-4
General Description: Duets from the Classical period

5 Divertimenti K. 439b

Conceived as trios and originally penned for basset horn, a kind of tenor clarinet with a darker mystical tone, Mozart's five five-movement Divertimenti K. 439b fit very nicely on the warm, romantic sounding modern concert guitar. Classical guitar, capable of both melodic and contrapuntal distinctions, and itself a tenor among the string instruments, is a natural for these pieces.

Composer/guitarist Andrew Zohn's masterful arrangements of Mozart's work make this unique collection a most welcome addition to the guitar duo repertoire.

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