¡Fuego! Guitar Quartet by Rex Willis

¡Fuego! Guitar Quartet by Rex Willis


Publication's Style: Soft Cover Score and Parts

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

"If something is going wake you in the middle of the night it might as well be a spicy tango! This is how ¡Fuego! came to life. I awoke with a start to this music already being written in my head. I began writing it down and nearly finished ¡Fuego! in a fury from 2:30 AM to 6:30 AM. By 8:00 I was at the college teaching music theory!

¡Fuego! captures the "fire" of the tango with all four guitars very active, playing chromatic fugue-like passages in A minor before a modulation to the bright and playful key of D major."

Rex Willis

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