Snapchats by Melanie Spanswick

Snapchats by Melanie Spanswick


Snapchats is a collection of original duets and trios intended for students from late beginner standard to approximately Grade 4 (ABRSM level). There are 19 duets (four hands at one keyboard) and 4 trios (6 hands at one keyboard) in this volume, and they are short, succinct pieces for those who want to explore the art of ensemble or simply improve sight-reading skills. Broadly minimalist in style, these pieces are between 8 and 16 bars in length and they offer a wide selection of moods from expressive atmospheric works such as Sutra, Andante, Shanti Shanti and Joyful, to up-beat numbers like Quick Chat, Hopscotch, Samsara and Take Three. Whether you choose to play Snapchats for fun with friends or perform them in a more formal setting at a music festival or recital, I hope they offer a special and enjoyable experience.

Melanie Spanswick

Twitter: @ClassicalMel

Melanie Spanswick is a pianist, teacher, author, composer, and adjudicator. Melanie has performed and broadcast worldwide, giving recitals as a soloist, chamber musician and accompanist at many music festivals and major concert halls. As an educator, Melanie has examined for the ABRSM and she adjudicates nationally and internationally. As an author, she is published by major publishing houses: Schott, Faber and Alfred. As a composer, Melanie’s music has featured in many piano festival syllabuses and her reflective, minimalist style of music is to be found in numerous publications.

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